Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After having been absent for the last 3... almost 4 months, I feel that it's time i update with some new photos taken from my new camera. So here we have some work from my 4-month-hiatus.

As a family we traveled to Dallas, Texas to support my brother, Cory in the Olympic (International) distance of the Toyota-Cup Triathlon, Dallas. The Olympic, or International distance, is a quarter of the Ironman distance. Athletes first Swim for 1.5 kilometers, Bike for 40 kilometers, and then run for 10 kilometers to. Cory's first triathlon was a little over a year ago in Surrey, NH and since has done 5. This is his exhilarating moment of crossing the finish line of his 5th.

A breezy afternoon of cruising around Lake Winnipesaukee gave me some lovely opportunities to gather some fresh images.

While in Texas for Cory's triathlon I noticed these eerie chandeliers in the Hilton the race was being hosted at.

During a day of driving around and apple picking while visiting my grandmother in Vermont the skies got more and more moody. After crossing these railroad tracks for the second time on the way home I had to take some time to roll around on the ground on the ties.

While still living out in Chula Vista, California my parents came out to visit and we went sightseeing. One of our stops was the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego. The stairs had such low railings that leaning over gave me vertigo, but I got the shot and that's what's important.